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Mountain biking it for girls too!!  Oh, is that a moose I just bunny hopped over?

Let’s face it, when people think of mountain biking, they don’t imagine girls being one with the dirt, bunny hopping over every obstacle in sight while racing down a single track. Even Specialized asked for candidates to explain why they’d be “the right guy for the job.” And really, I don’t blame anyone for [...]

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Katie, our fearless leader

I only started road cycling nine months ago with the beginner’s group out of the local bike shop, Cynergy Cycles. Katie, our fearless leader, has transformed me from a timid 20 mile rider to a masochistic freak on two wheels.   Since my pedaling adventures began, I have already ridden down to San Diego [...]

Alison shooting out of the slide

As you can see, this wasn’t our typical Sunday ride but too much fun!

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TV Dude.

Sometimes, I seriously wonder how the kids at Critical Mass (or any of the other Urban rides) do it!  Whatever their reasons, I will give them credit for creativity.
It’s been a while since I’ve done a huge urban ride like this–I guess I forgot how much fun it used to be since I turned old [...]

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Cruisin’ the Conejo was supposed to be my first organized metric century as well as Bobby’s.  Unfortunately for Bobby, he crashed hard at around mile 23 going down a long, straight decent at around 35 mph.  By the looks of this photo, I can’t stress how important it is to be wearing a helmet!  You [...]

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I don’t think we’ve looked this happy after a ride as we do here.  My goal in February when I first started riding seriously was to complete a metric century.  Now, I have on a ride organized by yours truly.  After dragging my friends to ride 80 miles with me (yes, dragging, and they made [...]

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What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the Midnight Ridazz in LA?  Oh and of course, dressed up as your idol–in my case, Harry Potter!!  I rode around the streets of Downtown LA in full costume with Bryan, also dressed up as HP.  (I mean, HP does magic right?  He’s totally capable of making [...]