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Look!  I'm on the Globe webpage!

Look! I'm on the Globe webpage!

I’m back.

Technically, I was never really gone.  I was just busy blogging over here on a Specialized/Globe Bikes supported blog.  Why?  Because I can’t refuse a free bike when all they want from me is a little word barf–there was a bit of ranting (or soliciting sympathy, really) about the injuries I incurred while riding but mostly I got a free bike to rave about all the rides I did.  Pretty sweet gig, I’d say!

And if you haven’t kept up with my Globe blog, here’s a little recap on what went on over there:

  • I did a bunch of night rides on my fixie and am all about urban exploration.
  • Learned how to track stand.
  • Went to Austin, TX and drooled at all the bikes there and felt like a kid in a candy store at Mellow Johnny’s, Lance Armstrong’s shop.
  • Rode my first official Century ride (not on a fixie, I’m not that crazy but I know someone who is!)
  • Picked up a crazy hipster on a fixie to be my partner in crime (he’s the crazy one that rides 100+ miles on his fixie.
  • Bruised my tailbone because I cheated on cycling with snowboarding.  Karma bit me in the butt–pun intended!  Now (I think) I’m ready to ride and continue my blogging comeback.  Kind of like Michael Jordan, except, I hope my comeback turns out better than his.
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