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Why I’m the Right GAL for the Job :)
Mountain biking it for girls too!!  Oh, is that a moose I just bunny hopped over?

Mountain biking is for girls too!! Oh, was that a moose I just bunny hopped over?

Let’s face it, when people think of mountain biking, they don’t imagine girls being one with the dirt, bunny hopping over every obstacle in sight while racing down a single track. Even Specialized asked for candidates to explain why they’d be “the right guy for the job.” And really, I don’t blame anyone for this initial perception. Why? Because there AREN’T enough girls whizzing through the trails. Luckily enough, I’m here and willing to help change that!

I can go on and on about how I love anything with two wheels, my passion for the sport, but I’m sure you have a good idea if you’ve read my previous posts, so here’s what makes me a little different:

  1. Committed. I may not have the most years under my belt but I’m committed to riding and spreading the word. I’ve made many new friends through riding and have introduced plenty more to the sport.  I make sure that there is always a ride for those that want to ride, especially the newbies. If I’m leading a new route, I am prepared. (I guess it’s in my nature since I’m a Risk Analyst by trade). Friends joke that I “pick up strays” but the more cyclists, the merrier, right?

  2. Social/New Media Aficionado And Some. I blog, I Facebook, I tweet. Not only do I do this on a personal level, but I’m part of INCULINK (@inculink), a New Media Consultancy group focused on increasing personal and corporate brand awareness. We’re always helping our clients understand how best to engage with their customers using social media and online networks. Simply put, I am pretty good at making things known.

  3. Appealing. This is not to say that I am attractive whatsoever, but I believe I’m appealing to new riders. I’m relatively new to the sport and still learning a plethora of information making me a way less threatening figure than a pro racer or a candidate with 10+ years of experience. It’s the whole, “If I can do it, you can do it,” mentality. I’ve had several inexperienced friends approach me about mountain biking after I raved about my first experience.  If there are more NEW riders to the sport, this would mean more demand for mountain bikes and potentially more sales for Specialized. Think about it….

  4. Support. I’m part of an awesome women’s cycling group, with some members that are very experienced mountain bikers willing to help me with this endeavor to introduce more new and female riders. Those that have not yet ridden the trails have expressed a strong interest in learning and I’d like to be a part of that. In coalition with my local bike shop, Cynergy Cycles (@cynergycycles) and Jim of Cynergy, I hope that I can make their dreams a reality given when demo bikes become available at the store for real test rides.  I’m more than willing to help advertise for future demo events.

  5. Equipped. Oh, did I mention that I have several cameras to capture all the action!?!  I’m a one (wo)man paparazzi!

So, what do you say, Specialized?  Let’s team up and make the Specialized brand even more female friendly!

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