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Beginnings of a Two Wheeled Trail Addict

Katie, our fearless leader

Katie, our fearless leader

Road helmet and shoes.  Humble beginnings...

Road helmet and shoes. Humble beginnings...

I only started road cycling nine months ago with the beginner’s group out of the local bike shop, Cynergy Cycles. Katie, our fearless leader, has transformed me from a timid 20 mile rider to a masochistic freak on two wheels.   Since my pedaling adventures began, I have already ridden down to San Diego from Irvine (approximately 80 miles) twice. I was loving the long cruises, the pain of endurance riding, the vast cityscapes I got to see in the open air.  I was a roadie for life—or so I thought.

Earlier this year, I had the opportuniy to demo a Specialized mountain bike on the local trails. My first reaction to riding a mountain bike? “Oh crud, I just opened up a whole new can of worms!” Road cycling was far from my mind while I was bunny hopping over fallen trees trunks, huge rocks on the single track, and of course the best part, crashing. It took my true love for nature and things on two wheels and blended it into one sport. When the ride was over and returned to the store, I hopped back on to my road bike and said, “THIS IS SO BORING!!” as I bunny hopped on my road bike in the shop parking lot. Jim from Cynergy and Katie both laughed but only because they knew I was only half joking.

Every now and then when I’m on my road bike, I find myself proactively seeking objects to bunny hop over wishing that I was on the local trail enjoying nature instead of the “sharing the road” with $100,000 cars that cut me off on the narrow streets of LA…

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